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Niger currently ranks last on the UN’s Human Development Index. In western Niger in particular, many people are forced to rely on humanitarian aid, including refugees from neighbouring countries, internally displaced people, and severely overburdened host communities. In addition to promoting climate-adapted agriculture, tasks here include resolving or mediating conflicts. With this much pressure on so few resources, it is necessary to actively work towards peaceful coexistence. Mediators are being trained and dialogue forums offered in order to resolve disagreements without violence.

Aug 2021

First Introduction

Dec 2024

End of Project

€ 1,226,300

Project Budget 2023

€ 3,550,000

Total Project Budget

  • Humanitarian Assistance

  • Agriculture & Environment

  • Nutrition

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

  • Economic Development

  • Civil Society & Empowerment

Partner on site


Financing partner

  • BMZ